Stop Putin’s insane war

We are calling the whole world for the support in stopping Putin’s horrific war in Ukraine.
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He has attacked an innocent and independent nation pressing it to concede to its dictatorship and become in fact a colony.

Ukraine, has obviously refused. We are a proud nation with centuries of history and 30 years of independence as a free democracy. In exchange, Putin has started bombing our cities and sending his troops to occupy our cities, towns and villages, to kill our people and devastate our lifes.
*Kindergarten Chernihiv
*Kindergarten Chernihiv

Putin has been warned multiple times by all world political and social leaders not to start that war.

He has been told that Ukraine will defend itself, that the consequences will be tragic. He has been told that the unjust wars are illegal and he would be tried as a war criminal. That Russia itself will be severely suffering through global condemnation and sanctions. And the innocent blood on his hands will delegitimise his regime and his legacy forever. And he has still proceeded.

His campaign is creating an immense human suffering and immeasurable economic losses.

We already have millions of internally displaced people and refugees. His troops are attacking from multiple directions, he has blocked our borders, closed our skies and sealed us from our seas. He shoots at civilian buildings and nurseries. He occupied Chornobyl station and uses it as a transit point for his military equipment raising radioactive dust and threatening the environment.

He did not expect Ukrainians to fight so bravely.

But he seems to be indented to go further throwing more and more troops. We are fighting for our homes; we fight for our land but we also fight for the better world where peaceful nations can live and prosper. The world must not allow a mad dictator to destroy the other country, just because he likes it.

Can humanity stop it? Yes! And we certainly must do all possible. We need the whole world to help us.

So, what can be done?

Politicians need to start moving and apply the real pressure. Putin can be economically and politically deprived, he can be isolated and his economy will push him to stop. But politicians need to move right now. And you can help with it.

Until Russia stops this war:

It needs to be suspended from all economic transactions, from all international organisations, from all international banking. All Russian businesses must seize trading with the west. All Russian businesspeople must stop traveling to democratic countries. And Putin and his close circle must be put on trial for war crimes. A political, social and financial isolation will threaten him from within his group and he will have to stop.

Please help. What can you do right now:


Firstly, please, sign a petition at
Sign the petition


Please, send this petition to your friends and ask them to do the same. We need to show the world politicians that it bothers millions of people.


Talk to your local politician, your local paper and ask them to request an action. Ask them to act right now.
Thank you